The LearningTimes Foundation

Empowering Accessible and Innovative Educational Programs

The LearningTimes Foundation (TLTF) supports the development of accessible live and on demand educational programming. As an organization we are  informed by Public Interest Technology (PIT) practices.  Our goal is to help other nonprofits and individuals to create engaging and meaningful online learning experiences.

The LearningTimes Foundation provides access to experts across various disciplines, including technology, policy, fundraising, and education. We bring our  thoughtful strategies and expertise to find technology based solutions to deepen learning, broaden inclusion, realize personal potential and the overall pursuit of social good.  

TLTF and Public Interest Technology

In addition to being informed by PIT, TLTF is specifically committed to developing public interest technology that addresses the needs of non-English speakers and neurodiverse populations. We believe that everyone deserves access to educational opportunities and strive to create inclusive experiences that cater to all.

Through innovative digital solutions, we are working to ensure that every student has access to quality education tailored to their individual needs. We strive to create an inclusive learning environment that promotes engagement and encourages success, no matter what type of learner they may be. 

TLTF Grants

The LearningTimes Emerging Educational Filmmaker Grant is our way of helping to fund those furthering the conversations we have as a society about education, teaching, difference, sameness, value(s), community and the power of learning. The grant provides US-based emerging filmmakers pre-production stages of filming with up to $10,000 to create projects with an education theme.

We know it can be hard to get a filmmaking career off the ground, but with an TLTF grant filmmakers have access to funding that will help them achieve their immediate production goals. The grant program was created to add more voices to the topic of education which is broad, yes, and intentionally so.  We’re looking forward to hearing your point of view. 

Learn more about our 2024 and 2023 grant recipients.